MSO4SC provides mathematical technologies and its applications as service
for solution of societal challenges through an HPC oriented cloud e-infrastructure.
HPC Oriented Cloud Infrastructure
Efficient parallel scalability in the cloud for mathematical software
Versatile, powerful and expressive FEM library in C++
HPC optimized platform for PDEs with high level Python and C++ interfaces
A collection of open software, data and tools for porous media applications
Quantitatively describes metabolic connections between the eye and the brain
3D Urban Air Quality Prediction
Accurate, fast and easy-to-use computation of air quality indicators
Modelling the interaction of seaflow and semi-submersible platforms
Coupled multi-physical nonlinear simulation of intense field magnets
Open source reservoir simulator with industry-relevant capabilities
Estimation of binding affinities of chemical compounds to biological molecules
Upcoming FEM MOOC online course
Learn High Performance Finite Element Modeling from top researchers...
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Workshop in Budapest, May 22-24.
Workshop in Budapest, May 22-24.
The MSO4SC project is organizing an informative workshop in...
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Pilots specifications published!
Last month, the MSO4SC consortium released its first report...
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MSO4SC at NAFEMS ‘How Simulation Helps Manufacturing Processes’
Partners of MSO4SC will make a presentation at the...
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