MSO4SC at NAFEMS ‘How Simulation Helps Manufacturing Processes’

Partners of MSO4SC will make a presentation at the NAFEMS event ‘How Simulation Helps Manufacturing Processes’  in Bilbao on May 25th. As stated in the event website ‘The seminar will present a variety of industrial applications in an attempt to create awareness and further promote the use of simulation thereby improving processes, systems and decision-making while reducing costs.  Aspects such as Uncertainty Quantification, Verification & Validation are encouraged.  All sectors are welcome and we would encourage companies to seek and collaborate cross-sector.’

MSO4SC partners will participate in the presentation ‘FEniCS CFD simulation in additive manufacturing with a cloud computing infrastructure.’, where FEniCS will be presented as a useful tool for simulations in additive manufacturing, and we will explain how it can be used in the context of MSO4SC, as a way to facilitate its deployment as well as the design and management of simulations and experiments.

The abstract is available here.

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